Yby Potlatch is a composer and painter born in Drachten, province of Friesland. Yby creates her own colorful magic world, one that she likes best and in which she feels at home. Yby is widely known at home and abroad. Many people admire her lifestyle, philosophy and creations. Yby is a colorful person herself. Her paintings are about love and her name Yby means LOVE. Her last name Potlatch means to give. Yby lives very pure and sober. She does not use alcohol, caffeine, tobacco or other drugs. In this way she can be completely one with her paintings and her compositions and singing. Yby is a beloved person. She gives much love to the world through her painting and compositions. She has worked extensively with animal organizations and is very committed to people with autism. Yby collaborates with many artists around the world. And she is very connected to nature. Crows play a very important message in her creations. “My paintings, my wife and compositions are my breath… my life…. without them I will die…”. Yby

Yby Potlatch