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❤️ Ybyaans food ❤️

Yby has her own lifestyle. Many people follow Yby's lifestyle, which they have called Ybyaans lifestyle.

Yby eats her own grown vegetables, herbs, fruits, nuts from her own garden. She only eats pure food! That means no food in packages full of sugar, smell, color and flavorings. She eats food! She eats unprocessed food. Fresh and raw as it is meant for the homosapien. Yby does eat and drink fermented foods such as sauerkraut, tempé, yoghourt, kefir and kimchi. Ybyaans food means completely Gluten free! Yby does not drink alcohol or coffee but she drinks a lot of herbal tea, matcha, white tea, and water. Potlatch makes her own tea by drying sage, lavender, green tea leaves, ginger, mint, nettle etc. All this from their own garden. Many fruit, nut trees, shrubs, flowers and plants from all over the world are at Yby and her beloved wife Ellen in their beautiful garden and house ❤️ Castle Wareliefde ❤️.

(❤️Castle of True Love ❤️) in the Netherlands. Their garden, art and creative projects are frequently visited by appointment. It is an inspiring magical place that gives people something special on their life path.

❤️ Ybyaans lifestyle❤️  ( Ybyan life style) is very good for your health and mind.

Ybyaans food and lifestyle has nothing to do with a diet but you still get a beautiful, slim and strong body. And your mind is fit and clear. Your skin is soft and supple and looks fresh and you have the eternal youth.

Alcohol and sugar are forbidden in the Ybyaanse life style. It's destroys your body and really does nothing good. You can only consume sugars from fresh food. Fruit for example, there is no better "candy"! All processed foods in the supermarket shelves are full of are strictly prohibited. White flour is also prohibited, this junk has absolutely no nutritional value for your body. White flour may not taste sweet, but it can lead to the same problems caused by eating too much refined sugar.